Creative Photography, capturing the world of light and sharing what it has to offer.

I'm a self-confessed romantic. I love the softer side of life, beautiful sunsets and sunrises, gorgeous landscapes, clouds, wildlife in its natural habitat, water in all shapes and forms, beautiful flowers kissed with raindrops, magnificent trees, dreamy grasses dripping with dew, misty valleys and forests, snow capped mountains and frozen fields, snapshots of people doing the things that they love and the world of macro.

I love sports and action - V8 supercars, Formula 1, equestrian events, snowsports and rodeos. Classic and sportscars also draw my eye. Their lovely flowing shapes and reflections. I love the  chrome and detail and mascots too. Man made beauty.

And speaking of man made beauty, architecture ancient and modern, small details and awe inspiring structures,  the interplay of old with new and the way light and shadow can transform concrete, glass and metal into abstact art is simply hard to resist when it comes to photography.

I'm also a keen amateur night sky watcher. I adore the heavens at night and am truly happy living in a rural area at a high altitude that allows me to view the night sky in all its glory, undiluted by city lights. This is a new and exciting field of photography for me. I've attempted to capture the Aurora Australis, the Milky Way, the Moon and star trails. With the addition of a large telescope and the necessary equipement I am able to attach my camera to the telescope, but this is a very new field that I have only just started to experiment with.

Most photographers settle on one or two genres that they love and are comfortable shooting but that doesn't work for me. I love it all! Consequently I have an eclectic photographic collection. All genres have been sampled, apart from underwater photography and that is simply because I lack the necessary equipment.

My previous life revolved around IT so a natural progression has been into the world of post processing software. It has been a huge learning curve but it has opened up the creative side of photography and has drawn me into fine art photography.


I am based in the Snowy Mountains area of New South Wales, Australia.